Ron Miller

KD8CHT in the state of Michigan.

I have been Airboating for over 25 years. My son and I

Started airboating to improve our bowfishing skills.. We soon learned that the airboat is the safest way to travel on bad ice and rescue people in flood waters .

So now several years later and after 44 years on fire rescue I am the northern representative for Alumitech Airboats helping them to design the ice hull that is now used on all of their Ice rescue Airboats.. I am a Member of the FL3 Airboat recue team and Captain of the Allegan County Search and Rescue Team that helps the Police and fire departments find missing people who are lost in the back country woods or urban areas.

In 2004 I started MACA ( Michigan Airboating Conservation Association ) to help other airboaters in Mi. find each other and to protect our rights to use our airboats thus we helped right the first MI. law pertaining to Airboats.. I have taught Airboat safety operations for several years and now I am certified to teach the DOI airboat Operations class as I am working with -- On Course Marine Safety -- a excellent group of instructors with superb classes.

It Is really hard today accepting the outcome of just having fun/ learning what I could / trying to help others stay safe airboating and helping to save lives . This position I am in was never a goal I set for myself it is the result of a lot of hard work / trial and error and dedication to help others..

Good Lord willing I hope to continue helping others for a long time..