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Class A and Class 1 Vessel Education

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This Course is designed for Power Boats less than 26 feet in Length (Class A and Class1 Vessels). Power Boat Education is one of the most important aspects of boating safely and responsibly. Knowing the ins and outs of your boat, how to read channel markers, safely navigate waterways, how to use a nautical chart and how to operate a VHF Marine Radio are just a few important skills that our course will give you before going out on the water.

Our 24-hour basic hands-on Course is not just on the water. We include trailering , launching and loading, emergency and self-rescue procedures, hands-on fire suppression and pyrotechnic familiarization. Once on the water, our Certified Instructors will teach you docking techniques, close quarter and slow speed maneuvering, collision avoidance, at speed maneuvering and more!

                    Course Contents:

                               * Required and Recommended Safety Equipment

                                * Boat and Trailer Maintenance

                                * Rules of the Road and Aids to Navigation (ATONS)

                               * Emergency and Self Rescue * Fire Suppression

                                * Pyrotechnics

                                * Marlinspike

                                * Close Quarter, Slow Speed and At-Speed                                   Maneuvering

                                * Towing & Trailering

                                * Docking, Launching and Loading

"Unable to attend at our facility? No problem. Our instructors have the means to bring the classroom to you, providing basic instruction at your location, and the practical applications on your vessel."

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